About Us

The Caldeiras, specialists in Vacation Rental Interior Design, from Kindred Design.


Hey there! We’re the Caldeiras, a dynamite real estate duo. You know that feeling when you find that perfect match who fills in all your gaps? Yes, that’s us! Felipe is a management whiz, and Julie’s got this incredible knack for interior design, spotting things others miss. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with in the real estate world!

We’re a couple of high school sweethearts who jumped into the real estate business in 2020, right after welcoming our third child. We wanted to secure extra income during the pandemic’s uncertainty.. Surprisingly, we found our hidden talent in this field! We have bought, renovated and managed over 30 properties with no plans to slow down—we’re determined to keep growing and seizing future opportunities.

Our mission now is to lend a helping hand to as many people as possible in starting their journey into short-term rentals or even assisting experienced investors in building up their portfolio. We understand that interior design, number crunching, and business processes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but who wouldn’t love earning passive income, right? Let us be your support system! We’re confident that our professional designs, expert management, and keen attention to detail will take your property to new heights! With our friendly approach and unwavering commitment, we’re excited to work together and bring out the best in your investment! 

Let’s make it a fantastic journey! We can’t wait to work with you and make it happen together!                       


Our primary goal in designing our properties is to ensure that guests feel comfortable and at home. We strive to create welcoming spaces where they can relax and enjoy their stay to the fullest.


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